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Clayton’s Tree Pros are your best local team of Summerville, South Carolina, tree contractors. We offer affordable Summerville Tree services that keep your plants growing better, and we also offer removal solutions.

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One of the top things that people notice about your house is your landscaping. Without the right Summerville tree service on your side, your yard can look scraggly from:
  •  Plant Overgrowth
  •  Dead Limbs
  •  Storm Debris
  • Animal Nests
  • Tree Diseases
  • Weather Damage
  • Trash and Litter
  • Ignored Maintenance Needs
  • Lack of Tools and Equipment
  • Leftover Tree Stumps
  • Sick or Injured Trees
  • And more
Even with weekly lawn mowing and raking, your larger shade plants continue to grow wild. It takes a certified Summerville arborist to maintain your trees better for less.

Hire our team for one-time tree care or weekly maintenance from an experienced certified arborist. Choose our affordable Summerville tree service contractors for your home today.

Why Summerville Tree Service?

From homeowner’s associations to pesky neighbors, everyone has an opinion over how trees should look. Unfortunately, with so many native Summerville trees, tending to them all alone quickly becomes complicated.

Hollies can be used as a privacy hedge, but they require a different type of care from maples. When Oaks and Redwoods need different soils, your yard can suffer from competing species.

From weekly care to tree trimming and removal visits, we offer it all for less. As your trusted local arborist, Summerville homeowners turn to us time and time again.

Hire your affordable tree specialist today for reliable services.

The Best Summerville Tree Service Near Me

One way to keep your tree trimming cost lower is with experienced service technicians. When amateur landscapers don’t know where to snip, it leads to shopping for replacement plants.

Instead, our experienced local contractors keep your trees looking great all year long. Whether you need us today, weekly, seasonally, or any other time, schedule us now.

Whatever you need to enhance your curb appeal, we cater to more trees with:


One of the top ways to keep trees growing at their best is with trimming. Snipping away dead plant materials, overgrowth, and non-producing limbs keep plants healthier.
Unfortunately, taking away items that should have remained could be enough to kill specific trees. When they’re already not known for growing heartily, you can’t risk DIY tree care.
From plants that need us weekly to seasonal trimming, and more, hire our service contractors. We maintain more types of trees with professionally pruning solutions each time.
Don’t injure your plants with improper trimming and hire us.


Tree cutting is like giving your plants a much-needed summer haircut for improved growing conditions. Taking away any unnecessary branches keeps trees growing taller and heartier all year long.
Unfortunately, taking down the wrong branches and limbs could cause your trees to wither. Harm them badly enough, and they may never recover, requiring us to remove them.
The better, more reliable way to keep your plants growing strong is by hiring us. We provide affordable and effective tree cutting services that guarantee better results for more plants.
For the best in local tree care providers, hire our arborists.


Falling a tree in a residential neighborhood is a long, tricky process that requires an expert. Our Summerville tree removal contractors offer reliable solutions for any plants that need to go.
Most trees need to be cut down in sections, and you need specialized safety gear. Even for seasoned service experts, it can get dangerous quickly if you’re not careful.
Whether you have a backyard renovation project or sickly trees, call our team for assistance. We can help take down any palms, maples, oaks, and more, all at affordable pricing.
Before yelling “timber,” call us for tree removals.


Sometimes, trees are more of a threat by leaving them where they stand. Once they take on too much damage from changing seasons or severe weather, they can uproot.
Unfortunately, when your roof is in their fall path, it could mean an expensive repair. Instead, you can call our local arborists day or night for immediate emergency tree care.
From affordable storm tree removal to securing your plants until it’s safe, we can help. Choosing us means keeping your property in better condition during dangerous situations.
When your call can’t wait until morning, hire us for emergency removals.
Stump Removal and Grinding


Some homeowners enjoy the rustic look of tree stumps, but they usually don’t last long. Once ants, termites, beetles, and other pests see a dead stump, they move in quickly.
Unfortunately, taking it out of the ground isn’t always the easiest thing to manage. Strong roots, wide stumps, sturdy soil, and more, can make it an all-day task.
It also doesn’t help that hooking it to a truck bumper is usually ineffective. Other than tearing it off the vehicle, you don’t gain much ground without our team.
We offer reliable stump removal services at affordable pricing every day.


Sometimes, even an expert team of arborists can’t rip a tree stump from the ground. Luckily, when you hire us, it means we can go the other way with it.
Our stump grinder sands away your leftover plant surfaces, leaving nothing behind but wood dust. You never need to rely on harmful toxic chemicals, flammable oils, or plant killers again.
Our commercial-grade stump sander makes short work of your thickest, toughest projects each time. With root cutters and experienced contractors, no tree stump stands a chance.
Make sure your trees are gone permanently with professional stump grinding.
If you’re ready to give your trees better care, contact us. We offer the best selection of services and pricing.

Summerville Tree Service Company

Why Hire Us?

A professional tree care company offers more than a better team of landscapers. Instead, we undergo training to identify and treat more types of hazards affecting plant growth.
From symptoms of pests to invasive fungal growths, we know what to do each time. In addition to keeping plants healthier, we also provide proper pruning, trimming, and professional removals.
We can help you plant new saplings or eliminate old rotting tree stumps and more. No matter the age or condition of your plants, we can assist you the best.
See why more area homeowners prefer our service contractors.


Mike H

Hardware Master
“The best in town, hand’s down. I’ve called several companies, and no other contractors came close.
I have an expensive maple my wife imported for my 50th birthday. I love it, but it’s usually pretty finicky. Clayton’s Tree Pros have it looking the best it’s been in years.”

David P.

“I have never had luck with gardens, and trees aren’t any easier for me. I don’t know what happens, but I usually whack off the wrong limb.
Not only did they take over, but they even told me what I did wrong. Thanks for being willing to teach.”

Tony B.

Software Developer
“I’m pretty good with a weed whacker and lawnmower, but I know nothing about trees. And when I nearly lost them all last winter, I knew I needed a contractor.
They told me that some mulching could protect root systems from the cold. And they recommended a product!”
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